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Weinstraße 1, Munich, München, Germany, 80333

With the Donisl at Marienplatz, many locals divide their minds:"Is this still a typical Munich pub or is it rather a disgusting tourist magnet? The long tradition of the house would speak for itself - if it weren't for the dear visitors from all over the ...



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Fraunhoferstr. 9, Munich, München, Germany, 80469

There are many Bavarian restaurants in Munich - one of the most rustic is Fraunhofer in the Isarvorstadt. The history of the restaurant goes back to 1774. At that time, the beer industry moved to a small bakery in Zum Brodhäusl, later the restaurant was c ...


Residenzstraße 12, Munich, München, Germany

Bavarian cuisine at a higher (price) level - that's what awaits you in the Spatenhaus an der Oper. Whoever comes here has to dig a little deeper into his pocket. Instead, the guest gets good quality: from small dishes such as the homemade veal plants to m ...


Lilienstraße 51, Munich, München, Germany, 81669

The Wilhelminian style building in which the inn is housed in the Au is already an eye-catcher. At the beginning of the 20th century, the folk actor Karl Valentin also entered and left here. Only that the inn was still supplied with barley juice by Wagner ...



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Marienplatz 8, Munich, München, Germany

Even if the Ratskeller is located directly on Marienplatz: The danger of having dinner here only with tourists is quite small. Yes, because you can easily avoid them in the vaults underneath the town hall - the Ratskeller is huge. There are countless s ...


Kochelseestraße 13, Munich, München, Germany


The filmmaker Franz Xaver Bogner ("Munich 7") once told the Abendzeitung that he felt at home in inns where "the food is still Bavarian in originality, without a cult being made of the fact that it is Bavarian in originality". In his opinion, all this app ...



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Keferstraße 12, Munich, München, Germany, 80802

If you want to stop after a walk in the English Garden and don't want to land in the Seehaus again, the Osterwaldgarten is recommended. The inn on the edge of the large park is even more than just an alternative: it is quieter and at least as cosy. In ...


Tal 7, Munich, München, Germany, 80331

The Weisse Bräuhaus in the valley is a Munich institution. The interior still looks like it did a hundred years ago: The walls are paneled, the wooden tables and the lamps are old. And then there's the food, of course: Old Munich dishes are served in the ...


Gietlstraße 15, Munich, München, Germany, 81541

Hohenwart is one of the kind of inns that are not so easy to find in Munich these days: It is located in Obergiesing, far from the crowds of tourists. The beer does not come from a large brewery, but since 1896 from the Maierbräu family brewery in Altomün ...


Landsberger Straße 19, Munich, München, Germany, 80339

There are many Augustiner pubs in Munich, but the brewing rooms are the pubs in which Munich's visitors from Prussia, Poland or Peru travel to. It can hardly be more Bavarian and more rustic. Guests sit at long tables, talk to each other quickly and usual ...