Municha is a city with a thousand faces, seemingly different, yet capable of creating a 'special atmosphere that envelops the entire city, making it attractive in the eyes of all.

Munich is one of the favorite cities by the Germans and defined by the German city of northern Italy.

Munich live almost 1.3 million inhabitants, and is the third German city after Berlin and Hamburg.

Munich is a multicultural city, thinking that the 1.3 million inhabitants, 0.3 million are non-EU citizens (Turks, Italians, Greeks, Americans, British).

Munich is the most important tourist center in Germany. Oktoberfest just think that every year attracts 6 million visitors from around the world.

Munich is a major convention center and is home to prestigious museums such as the Deutsches Museum, the largest museum of science and technology in the world, and the Pinakothek der Moderne, the most impressive collection of modern and contemporary art in Germany.

Munich is also the main economic engine of Germany, not only with regard to the tourism industry or the culture here have their headquarters Siemens, Allianz, Munich Re, the Patent Office of the European Union, BMW, Bavaria Film and here lies the greatest number of publishers in the world after New York.


Munich is a city on a human scale, nice and tidy.

There are possibilities for all tastes and all budgets: from large luxury hotels to small family-run pensions, elegant ladies who go shopping in Maximilianstraße and young people who sunbathe naked in the very central Englischer Garten or Feringasee, theaters, concerts and the popular Bayern Munich.