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Balanstraße 50, Munich, München, Germany
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Telephone089 4130950

Munich guided and individual tours

Munich Christmas Markets: A Winter Wonderland of Tradition and Delight In the heart of Bavaria, amidst the snow-covered landscapes and enchanting architecture, lies the magical city of Munich. Known...

Oktoberfest Beer Beer is served in a "Maß", which should technically be 1 liter. However, due to the speed that the beers are poured and served at the Oktoberfest, it is likely you'll end up with...

Monaco di Baviera Monaco di Baviera è una città dalle mille facce, apparentemente diverse tra loro, eppure capaci di creare un' atmosfera speciale che avvolge tutta la città, rendendola affascinante...

In Munich is possible to eat good Pizza, quite like in Italy. Where? Discover here all the Pizzerias in Munich !