Staatliches Hofbräuhaus in München
Hofbräuallee 1,
81829 München.
Tel: 089 - 92105-0
Fax: 089 - 906426
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Annual production: 165,000 hl (2001)

Beer alc Plato Description Score (100)
Münchner Kindl Weissbier Leicht 3.2%   Pale unfiltered wheat beer.  
Hofbräu Kristall Weisse 5.4%   Pale filtered wheat beer.  
Hofbräu Original 5.1%   Pale lager - Helles.
Coriander and spice aroma, bitter taste, spicy bitter finish. Pretty nice, aromatically spicy beer.
Hofbräu Dunkel 5.5%   Dark lager.
Malt aroma, neutral taste, dry bittersih finish. Pretty bland dunkles.
Münchner Kindl Weissbier 5.1%   Pale unfiltered wheat beer.
Bitter and cardboard aroma; neutral taste with wet cardboard aroma; wheaty cardboard finish. Awful! (And it was 4 months before its sellby date.) Completely dominated by a stale hop aroma. Undrinkable. Easily the worst Bavarian beer I've ever tried.
Hofbräu Schwarze Weisse 5.1% 11.7º Dark unfiltered wheat beer.  
Hofbräu Kellerbier 5.1%   Unfiltered pale lager. Draught only.  
Hofbräu Maibock 7.2%   Pale bock, Seasonal - Spring.  
Hofbräu Festbier 6%   Pale bock. Seasonal.
Apple and raisin aroma, sweetish taste with malt and cream aromas, peppry bitter finish. The sample I had tasted a little old. Probably a good fruity beer when fresh.
Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier 5.7%   Pale lager. Seasonal.