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Zirkus-Krone-Straße 1-6, Munich, Germany, 80335
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Telephone089 5458000
Fax089 5504255
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Munich, Germany
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Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu KGaA Marsstraße 46+48, 80335 München. Tel.: 089 - 51220 Fax: 089 - 52222400 Email: spatenbraeu@c-o-m-a.de Homepage: http://www.spatenbraeu.de/...

Proprietors: The Steinbergfamily Seating capacity inside: 6,896 Seating capacity outside: 3,022 Website: www.hb-festzelt.de Brewery: Hofbräu München Music: Plattlinger Isarspatzen conducted by Alois...

Opening times Tents serve beer from 10am until 10:30pm during the week and from 9am to 10:30pm on weekends. Closing time is 11:30pm daily. The Weinzelt and Käfer are both open later than the other...


Six golden rules when you go to the mountains 1) Planning A tour can only be as good as your planning. Do you get some map material? Where can you take a rest? Shelters or farm huts on the route?...

Munich Munich a is a city with a thousand faces , seemingly different, yet capable of creating a ' special atmosphere that envelops the entire city , making it attractive in the eyes of all. Munich...

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